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Climbing, beautiful views, tierdnes, getting up very early in the morning, chasing the last strobes of light, exposure, hunger, thirst, will to live. Those are the words I would use to describe my perception of alpinism.


Mountain guiding

Mountain guiding is a profession that goes very well together with beeing an active alpinist. Actually, it's quite hard to be a good mountain guide, without spending lots of time in the mountains for fun. Within mountain guiding, I wish to bring the feelings of complete relaxation, excitement, gratitude, that I feel very strongly in the mountains, to the clients.


Inspection of personal protection equipement (PPE)

Climbing, window cleaning, sport climbing, tree trimming, mountain guiding, caving, cleaning snow from roofs, ... these are all activities in which personal protective equipment (PPE) prevents falls from a height. In an organization (professional or voluntary) PPE must be reviewed once a year by an authorized person.


About me

I was born in 1995 in Jesenice. Since then, I have in a small village Mojstrana, about 15 km away from Triglav North face. The proximity of the mountains, which offer an excellent playground for an alpinist to evolve and sports-oriented parenting, have rooted the desire to overcome myself deep in my mindset. It is this mindset that I try to stick to in all areas of life. If I don’t overcome myself, it means that I’m capable of more. In alpinism, overcoming oneself is a constant.

Over the years, I developed a sense for movement on steep or vertical terrain through sport climbing, and then by climbing in the mountains. This led to the thought and desire to be able to turn the time spent in the mountains into a profession. I completed mountain guiding course in 2023 and thus became a IFMGA mountain guide. Besides mountain guiding I spend a lot of time learning and teaching others about avalanches and avalanche safety. Besides the time I dedicate to alpinism and mountains in general, I find formal education very important. I took the time coordination between sports and school as a challenge. After high school, I enrolled at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, where I completed masters degree in 2020.

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