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Mountain guiding

In guidng, I focus on working with individuals and boutique groups. I wish to share my energy with clients and create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the mountain world.

Below, you can find avtivities that I offer. Of course, I did not cover all possible tours and combinations of activities that can be carried out, so I invite you to contact me and entrust me with your wishes. Together we will shape your next advanture.

Avalanche workshop

One of the biggest dangers in the mountains in winter are avalanches. At the avalanche workshop, you will gain knowledge for successful risk assessment and consequent avoidance of avalanches, as well as learn measures and procedures in the event of an avalanche accident.


Triglav Normal Approach in Winter

One day tours, two day tours

Triglav is Slovenian national symbol and our highest mountain. With an altitude of 2864 m it may seem small, compared to some other mountains in the Alps, but offers many posibilites for an advanture. One can do single or multi-day hiking/mounteneering tour or a climb over the famous 1000 m steep North face. For reference, Triglav North face is amog the three tallest faces in Europe.


Triglav North Face Climbs in Winter

possible in combination with ski touring

In winter, Slovenian route on Triglav North face turns into a beautufly gully. If there are good conditions, the climb is even easier than in summer. It can also be done in combination with ski touring which means very plesant approach and superb descent.


Grossglockner ski touring

ski tour from below the top of Austria

Grossglockner (3798 m) is the highest mountain in Austria. In winter and spring months it offers a very interesting ski touring experience with just over 1600 m of skiing from just below the summit to the car.



Individual courses

Individual courses with a focused goal for a safe visit to the mountain world in summer and winter. The courses are caried out exclusively in boutique groups. The content of courses is based on physical and mental state, prior knowledge and, above all, goals of individuals. Set a goal and let's get started!


What would you like to do?

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Are you looking for a special gift?

What to gift for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc.? I agree, a difficult decision. I think we have too many material things and that we often buy a gift that's not really usefull to the person receiving  it and it's sole purpose is to hand something over. I have a better idea. Instead of material goods, you can gift quality time or new experience, which is a real rarity in today's world. I can prepare a gift card for the selected activity, print it out and send it to you.